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Aircraft is GREAT For Lawn, Yard, Garden or for Flying Field & Runway Decor!

(This is NOT an RC Plane)


"HELLCAT" Airplane Wind spinner

Hellcat 20 Inch Airplane Wind Spinner

26334 By Premier Designs

Premier Designs are known for their Superior Craftsmanship & High Quality!


If you LOVE Aviation or are an Aviator, you will LOVE This Plane Windspinner!


Celebrate flight with this Impressive HELLCAT Airplane Wind spinner!


Dimension: 19.5 " X 18" X 7"


Exciting Three-Dimensional Spinning Action

This famous WWII aircraft brings an air of nostalgia wherever it is placed. With striking attention to detail this wind spinner plane is a timeless way to bring the golden age of aviation to your lawn, yard, garden, flying field or runway!


 This impressive design is bright & colorful with a propeller that Spins with the slightest breeze while the fuselage acts as a weather vane!


You Are Now Ready for Take-Off!

SPINS in the WIND!

Will Look GREAT on Any Flying Field!!

Premier HELLCAT Airplane Wind Spinner



Only $35.95






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