GREAT Flying Field Decor!

(This is NOT an RC Plane)


"P-51 Mustang" Airplane Wind spinner

P-51 Mustang Airplane Wind Spinner

By Premier Designs, known for their Superior Craftsmanship


If you LOVE Aviation or are an Aviator, this is the plane for you!


Celebrate flight with the Impressive Premier P-51 Mustang Airplane Wind spinner!


Dimension is approximately: 25" X  31"



With striking attention to detail this wind spinner plane is a great way to bring aviation to your flying field, runway, yard or garden!


 This awesome design is BEAUTIFUL with a propeller that rotates (Spins) with the slightest breeze!


Will Look GREAT on Any Flying Field!!


Premier P-51 Mustang Airplane Wind Spinner



Only $54.95






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