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RC ARMING Switches


There are different Styles of RC Safety Arming Switches.  There come in 14AWG and 12AWG wires and there are also NO SPARK arming switches.  Scroll down the page to be sure and read the features for each style to get the one you need!


A must for Electric RC  airplanes. Completely assembled and ready to install.  Simply install the receptacle to the fuselage side and connect the battery and ESC. Plug or unplug the connector key to turn the power on and off.


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     12awg NO SPARK Arming Switch #6992

     With Deans connectors

Only $16.95


    12awg NO SPARK Arming Switch #6996

     With XT60 connectors

Only $16.95

Arming Switch with XT60 Connectors




    12 awg Safety Arming Switch #6972

Only $12.95

 Arming Switch by MPI



    14 awg Safety Arming Switch #6970

Only $12.95

MPI Arming Switch



    12 awg Safety Arming Switch #6982

    45A ANP contacts

Only $12.95

 Arming Switch by MPI






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