ATS RC Planes

RC Radio Control NO SPARK ARMING Switches




High Current Arming Switch

With Heavy Duty 12AWG Wire

With Genuine Ultra DEAN'S Connectors AND HD 12AWG Wires

 PART # 6992


No More Damage to your Expensive Battery Connectors




A must for Electric RC  airplanes. Simply Mount the No-Spark push button where you can grip the plane and press the pushbutton with one hand for one hand use. Connect the ESC, remove arming jumper, then connect your battery.

Ideal for High voltage Configurations


 A MUST for 8S or Higher 


Simply hold down push button for 2-3 sec to charge the capacitors with limited current.  This will eliminate the nasty arching when the arming plug is plugged into the Arming Switch.

This pre-assembled No-Spark arming switch is GREAT for electric RC airplanes, helicopters, boats, cars or anything using a  battery pack.  With the pre-installed Deans Ultra connectors it is SUPER EASY and FAST  to plug in your battery pack and ESC (electronic speed control) AND there is no soldering required. You won't have to unplug the battery to turn your vehicle off.





12AWG NO SPARK Arming Switch #6992

Only $16.95





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