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Main rotor blades set for T-rex 450, Trex 450 Pro & Thunder Tiger Mini Titans 


CHAMELEON 325 all black carbon fiber main rotor blades set for Trex 450, Trex 450 Pro & Thunder Tiger Mini Titans replacing Align HS1292 carbon blades. 

These are the ideal 3G (flybarless) blades


Close Up of Underside of Blades

Operating range: 1350 rpm - 4500 rpm
Recommended operating range: 2200 rpm - 3500 rpm

Smooth & Non-aggressive flying (hovering & forward flight): 2200 rpm - 2500 rpm / 70%
Intermediate flying (smooth loops, rolls and flips): 2800 rpm - 3200 rpm / 90%
Hard 3D flying (smooth and extremely aggressive): 3200 rpm - 3500 rpm

Auto Rotation blade pitch setup: -6 to -4 degrees
Auto Rotation Glide pitch setup: -4 to -2 degrees with medium to fast forward speed... flare 2 feet above ground for a perfect landing.




  Stall RPM Normal RPM Idle-1 RPM Idle-2 3D RPM MAX Mast Rock RPM
Main Rotor 1,350 2,400 3,200 3,400 4,500 1,950
TH Power 15% 70% 90% 100%   low
TH Off 1,150          

Blade Pitch

+12 +6 +5 +5   +6 / +10


TEST EQUIPMENT   Test Condition
Heli kit Trex 450   Wind 0 mph
  Stock   Temp 85 degree F
Main Rotor CHA-M3250A   Elevation 210ft above sean level
Battery AMP-2200-3S-20C   Height Under 150ft


Length 325mm
Width 32mm
Weight 37 g/set
Grip 5mm
Mounting Hole 3mm
Core Foam
Weighted Yes
Foil Symmetrical
Tip Curved


Mast Rock is caused by low rotor RPM and rotor head dampening.  This visible shaking or rocking motion is visible arount the rotor mast as rotor RPM is lowered.  This natural rocking motion is caused by the rotor head dampeners not providing sufficent dampening at given main rotor RPM. If the dampeners are soft, then the effect will occur at a lower RPM.  If the dampeners are hard (such as 3D), then the rocking motion will occurr at a much higher RPM.  You can avoid this motion by simply raising the main rotor RPM.


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