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FF-78 Westland Lysander Free Flight Rubber Powered Kit



FF-78 Westland Lysander Kit by Easy Built Models

by Easy Built Models



Free Flight Rubber Powered Kit

1/16 Scale Flying Model


This Kit Can Be Converted to an Electric Powered RC Airplane By an Experienced/Knowledgeable Builder!


Kit FF-78 Westland Lysander is a 1/16 scale, flying model that uses the Box and Former method of construction. The Lysander was a British army cooperation & liaison aircraft of WWII. It achieved fame through its ability to operate from short stretches of unprepared airstrip & its clandestine missions to plant or retrieve agents behind enemy lines.

This free flight rubber powered kit contains a full-size rolled plan, building and flying instructions, printed balsa wood, hand-picked balsa strip wood, rubber motor, Propeller, nose package, clear plastic for the windshield, wheels, landing gear, and Easy Built Lite colored tissue and TissueCal
markings - lighter than press on or water slide decals because they are printed directly on the tissue. You will need a building board, pins, hobby knife, fine sandpaper, and glue.


FF-78 Westland Lysander

Wingspan: 36"
Class: Scale flyer
Building Skill:  Experienced

 Flying Skill:   Easy


To See More Pictures of Westland Lysander FF78, Click Here!



Balsa Model Airplane Kit, Balsa flies better.


FF78 Westland Lysander

Free Flight Rubber Powered Kit


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