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HOW FAST Did You Fly Today????

Now You will Know with the "HOW FAST" Airspeed Instrument

The How Fast is the simple, easy, and inexpensive way to measure your model's airspeed.  It provides
at-the-field readings right after your flight.

• Precision Instrument
15 to 500 MPH (24 to 800 km/h) airspeed
1 MPH (1 km/h) resolution    
Uses the same differential pressure sensing as full-scale aircraft


• A Complete Airspeed System
No interface, computer, or additional equipment needed
Includes Pilot and static probes that mount in the wing
Tiny, lightweight (2.7 gram) circuit board
Plugs into your receiver or any 3.2V to 12V battery

• Simple to Use
Light Emitting Diode (LED) used for communication
Wave your finger over the LED for maximum airspeed report
Simply count the flashes:
 flash    flash-flash    flash-flash-flash  = 123 MPH

• Compatible with the See How Display
Optional See How display accessory adds convenience and capability.

Capture up to 9 in-flight speeds - Expands the
         resolution to 0.1 MPH (or km/h) - 10 flight memory.


For Instruction Sheet on the HOW FAST™Airspeed Instrument, Click Here!


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HOW FAST Airspeed Instrument

A complete airspeed instrument for your model plane. Ever wonder "How Fast?".


Only $44.90





Flight Instrument POWER SUPPLY


Flight Instrument POWER SUPPLY

Made In The USA


 Power Supply for "How High" and "How Fast"


For More Information, Click Here!


Only $7.90



"HOW FAST" Probe Set
For The Airspeed Instrument
Pitot/Static Probes
Sensor Tube Set
       Probe Set For "How Fast"

The set includes a Pitot probe (straight through), a static probe (end-plugged with predrilled side holes), and 12-inches of thin-wall silicone connecting tubing. 
The probes are aluminum, 1/8-inch in diameter, and 4-inches long.
 These are identical to the probes included with the How Fast unit.  Use to replace damaged probes or mount in a second plane


Only $4.90






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