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Dual 20A/500W 14S SYNC MODE

Hyperion EOS 0720i Super DUO Charger

By Hyperion

Hyperion EOS 0720i Super DUO3 charger - 2 x 1S-7S, 20A max, 1000W

Hyperion's most powerful charger to date!

Hyperion EOS 0720i SUPER DUO3 Charger

(picture shows 4 adapter plates but it only comes with 2,  the HP and XH plates are included)


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Hyperion EOS 0720i SUPER DUO3 7S 16N CHARGER, DC Input, with Integrated balancers, TCS & STORE MODE- DUAL 20A/500W max Outputs with max 14S SYNC MODE.


The EOS 0720i Super Duo is Hyperion's flagship charger for 2011 - now available for ordering.

The Super DUO is not to be confused with past models bearing the 0720 designation as they were all single-port chargers. This charger is sporting two identical output ports, each port capable of providing 500W of raw charging power. "0720" is to be interpreted as 7 Cells max - 20Amps max - per port, being a DUO charger.

This is a nomenclature consistent through the Hyperion charger range.

In order to provide all 500W per channel (1000W total), the Super DUO needs 24V-28V of input voltage but can naturally also be operated on lower input voltages (from 11V).

By popular request, Hyperion is for the first time offering two displays in a DUO charger. The benefits are obvious - easy monitoring and less confusion. Like the past DUO's, operation is from a single set of buttons with a channel selector.

The EOS 0720i Super DUO3 is Hyperion's most powerful charger to date!



EOS 0720i SUPER DUO3 DC Balance Charger



Only $279.95





Purchase additional  Harness boards


Only $5.25 Each


Select a Type



 The HP-EOS720i Charger includes the XH and HP boards. If you need a different type, choose the type of Harness to work with your Battery Pack from the types below:

Tech Note*: Due to a non-standard wiring arrangement on Thunderpower and FlightPower 4S packs only, the 4S packs may need the 6th wire removed in order to function properly with HP-EOSLBA-26TP MultiAdapter for 4S charging.





 Extension to fit between HP-EOSLBA-7Uxx Multi-Adapters and EOS 0720i/730I Balance Chargers and Pack sentry

 Only $2.99



Not for use with the  EOS0606i chargers












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