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Satisfied Mercury Adhesives Users Speak Out!

As the owner and operator of Custom Airframes, I am the designer and builder of many top award winning pattern airframes. To successfully build these high-end aircraft a scientifically engineered adhesive system is required for maximum strength and minimal weight. Over the years I have used many different adhesives, and Mercury Adhesives is by far the purist, strongest, and lightest system I have used.

Mercury Adhesives have also solved the everlasting mystery of the “clogged nozzle” with their great pin in cap design. Since using their cap and nozzle design I have never experienced a clogged nozzle. Thank You Mercury Adhesives!

Mike Hester
Designer of the Black Magic
Owner Custom Airframes


Building aircraft for over 35 years has allowed me to use many different glues. The Mercury products have far exceeded any other products. I have used a lot of the Mercury Thin and Gap filling formulas in the building of my 1/3rd scale Stearman. I am excited with the results and with the clever bottle top design I have never had a clogged tip or any messy clean up!
Well done Mercury!, Great Glue.

Larry Killingsworth
Mercury user Larry Killingsworth


I have had the pleasure of building for many of the top TOC pilots. During these years I have used just about every type of adhesive known to modeling and must say that the Mercury Adhesives products are by far the best adhesive system I have ever used.

The purity and stability is second to none and the ingenious pin-in-cap nozzle and cap closure assures that the nozzle is always clean and open. Since using this system I have never experienced a clogged nozzle like I have with just about every other brand I have used.

Great cap design and along with this I get the fastest and strongest CA’s I have ever used.

A.J. Lee
Professional Model Builder
model builder A.J. Lee


I use Mercury adhesives exclusively when assembling our prototype and display/show aircraft. These aircraft must stand up to season after season of use and abuse, and I trust Mercury products to provide long lasting bonds in high stress areas. I’ve used all other brands over the years and I’ve found Mercury to be a superior product. Each product has been developed and tested to provide the best bond possible for a particular application, and the Mercury team has gone above and beyond to educate the consumer about which formula is best for their specific needs. This is really a top notch product backed by a team of knowledgeable professionals.

Chris Hinson
President, Extreme Flight RC