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On-Board / Hand Held RX Digital Battery Monitor

w/ MEMORY - MAH, AMPS, Watts & Load Test


Battery Monitor System and Watt Meter Set



MX8260 On-Board DIGITAL RX Battery Monitor / LOG SET
Handheld Meter / Programmer with On-Board Unit


This digital battery monitor system is designed for all battery types from 3.5 to 10.0 volts up to 8000mah. You program the MAH of the connected battery and it will show you how much is left.  It also will function as a watt meter, displays voltage, amps, watts and MAH drawn in real time. The on-board unit stores the MAH of the battery and MAH used in non-volatile memory so each flight of each plane will display the amount of MAH remaining. 



Battery Monitor System and Watt Meter Set


Key Features:

Screen Displays:


Check for proper operation before flying your model aircraft.  Every effort is made to make this unit compatible with all systems, occasional compatibility issues with certain combinations of equipment are possible.  ATS (or MPI) can't be responsible for systems that are not ground tested priori to flight.

MX8260 On-board Watt Meter / Battery Monitor system

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