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RC Airplane Super Kraft Sky Dancer 50 ARF


By Super Kraft Kangke


If you have mastered your trainer and want to step up into the exciting world of aerobatics the Sky Dancer is the perfect plane.  Generous dihedral, light wing loading and tricycle landing gear makes the transition to a low wing plane easy and fast. The simple, strong construction and quick assembly can make use of your engine, servos, and radio gear from your trainer to help keep the cost down. SKY DANCER with it's Spirited aerobatic potential will hone your skills and prepare you for that high dollar "dream" machine.



Wing Span:  53"

Length: 50"

Wing Area:  581 sq. in.

Weight: 4 lbs

Engine:   .40-.56 2 Cycle Not Included

Fly Weight: 4.5 - 5.5  lbs

Radio:  4 Channel/ 5 Servos Not Include




Plane is beautifully covered with Oracover (Ultracote), includes a motor mount, control horns, wheels, landing gear, fuel tank, Push rod, Hardware, Decals, Servo Plate and Instruction Manual.


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Sky Dancer 50 ARF  


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